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large glass storage jars borosilicate glass with bamboo lid glass bottle for storage
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✔SAFE AND ECO-FRIENDLY MATERIALS: Made from strong borosilicate glass with airtight silicone seal and bamboo lid, these canisters are perfect for pasta, tea, coffee, beans, cereal, flour, sugar, rice, nuts, dry fruits, herbs, spices, biscuits and more! Your favorite food stays fresh for longer. Materials of the canisters were chosen to ensure minimum environmental effect.
✔RELIABLE QUALITY: These canisters have been tested to be durable and long-lasting. They are made of sturdy glass, strong enough not to be easily broken and light enough to be convenient in use. These jars are recommended for dry food. However, they may be used without lids for liquids in a fridge or microwave oven.
✔EASY TO CLEAN: Glass container is dishwasher-safe. Wooden lid should be wiped clean with a damp cloth or washed with soap and rinsed with water. You can easily remove the silicone attached along the lids of each container and wash it as well. Wrap the silicone around the lid again and seal back up to use the jar again.

large glass storage jars  borosilicate glass with bamboo lid glass bottle for storage

Detail information of storage jar

Item large glass storage jars  borosilicate glass with bamboo lid glass bottle for storage
Item Number K-SJ9501
Capacity 400ml/700ml/1000ml/1300ml/1600ml
Material and Features Body: Borosilicate Glass  Lid:  bamboo
Feature1: tolerance of instantaneous temperature difference from -30°C to +150°C without any cracking
Filter: None
Usage Feature2: tolerance of temperature as high as 600°C without any cracking
Customized Options 1.Logo on Bamboo lid and glass 2. Customized Color Box


Photo Show of  storage jar with Natural  Bamboo Lid


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