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Cold Brew Coffee Maker
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Cold Brew Coffee Maker / Mason Jar with Removable Stainless Steel Filter and Lid
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COLD BREW COFFEE MAKER KIT - This super cool looking cold brew maker includes a 1 quart (32 oz) mason jar and a stainless steel cold brew coffee filter. Worried about coffee leaking through the filter? Our filter is 150 micron stainless steel, so NO coffee leaks through. Brewing with cold water preserves all the taste and natural sweetness of the coffee beans and reduces acidity and bitterness by 65%. That means you can drink our coffee without adding any sugar or artificial sweetener!
BPA FREE, and DISHWASHER SAFE - This cold brew coffee mason jar kit is completely dishwasher safe. The heavy duty glass mason jar won’t shatter easily and won’t leach harmful plastic chemicals into your coffee. Our cold brew coffee maker has an airtight lid, and is BPA FREE!
EASY TO USE ICED COFFEE MAKER - Make enough coffee for a week! Just add about a cup of ground coffee beans to the filter, add water, and let it steep upright in the fridge overnight. Want stronger coffee? Let it steep for longer! We make the process super easy because we don’t include ANY unnecessary items for you to make your cold brew. Everything fits together perfectly - you won’t be wondering what to do with an extra plastic ring or other unnecessary part. No instruction manual required.
MAKE TASTY FLAVORED INFUSIONS - You can also use our cold brew infusion jar to infuse water with your favorite fruit, tea, or spices! Infuse cucumber right into your water. Chop up some lemons and strawberries for a strawberry-lemon refreshment on a hot summer day. Tired of drinking the same medium roast cold brew every day from your favorite chain coffee shops? Branch out and try different roasts and flavors. You can even get two and do a taste test with your pals.

32oz Cold Brew Iced Coffee Mason Jar with Removable Stainless Steel Filter and Lid


Detail Information of Cold Brew Iced Coffee Mason Jar

Product 32oz Cold Brew Iced Coffee Mason Jar with Removable Stainless Steel Filter and Lider
Item Number K-CM9065
Capacity 1000ml, or customized
Material and Features Body: High Borosilicate Glass  Lid: 18/8 Stainless Steel   Infuser: 18/8 Stainless Steel
Feature1: tolerance of instantaneous temperature difference from -30°C to +150°C without any cracking
Feature2: tolerance of temperature as high as 600°C without any cracking
Range of Usage Home, office, bar, restaurant, container for water, tea, coffee, juice and so on.
Craft Hand made/ Hand blown
Logo / Branding

Accept customized branding 

OEM/ODM Service

(1)Can make various model.

(2)Size/ Color and printing design can be customized.


General package or according to customer's requirement.


10-15 work days after receive the payment.

Sample Lead Time

(1)Available sample: within 5 days after confirmation.

(2)New sample: whithin 10 days after receive the sample fee.

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